Dear Stephen,
I believe I have a longstanding lyme and babesia problem and I am now 39. I have gone through the last 7 years with Chronic Fatigue that although is severe, still permits me to walk about a mile a day and do activities like going to group meetings, and as well I can lift things like groceries- though I used to be able to move peoples entire apartments so its a major drag. I note that the TCM medicine Liu Wei Di Huang Wan has helped me a good bit-adrenal function is weak, but it does raise my heart-rate and blood pressure so I take very small amounts. Indeed its a very, very good medicine for adrenals. Anyway, I have resisted antibiotics for many reasons already written by yourself. My doctor recently had me on a combination of crypto-art-and enula for 3 months at low amounts. It helped a lot but still not enough. In your opinion were any of those three hitting the lyme – as the Woodland Essence people say on their website? If so I’ll gladly take that instead of andographis which puts me straight to bed! What might be some of the lighter herbs for lyme? I simply cannot take the storm of a major die-off. I think you once wrote that knotweed might be one? Thank you very much.

Stephen’s response:
I would use knotweed and eleutherococcus tincture as dosed in the book. You might try the chronic fatigue formulation from Dry Creek Herb Farm in California. I developed it and it does help immensely for chronic fatigue. If you were going for the most minimal lyme treatment that would be: knotweed, cat’s claw, eleutherococcus.
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