Dear Stephen,
I have just reread some of your great book and am hoping to start the protocol ASAP. However it’s a bit complicated. So here’s a brief history. I got “slymed” by a tick 12 years ago in Tennessee. I did not have the rash, but got real fluey with migrating pain, hugely swollen lymph nodes and Bell’s Palsy. However I tested negative on the ELISA test and shortly thereafter also negative on Western Blot. Most symptoms left except my brain seemed to be rusting away. Life went on. Fast forward to Oct 2004: sudden onset of severe meningoradiculitis, a journey through hell. There was no name or number for this pain. Nothing touched it – even dilaudid (hydromorphone hydrochloride). Weirdly enough, at least seven other people beside me who all lived in the same area of Toronto got the same thing at the same time. Was this lyme or possibly something else? I’ve never heard of anything like this. Again, I tested negative on the ELISA test. They all experienced it as all-consuming pain, and just when it was nearly gone, the searing pain returned, only this time all over the body. I nearly went nuts. It was weeks before it started to subside. Now I go through three -four month cycles where it returns with 40 kinds of pain which is completely unpredictable. My sleep is terrible. Is this lyme or something else? Thank God, I manage to live without drugs as I am allergic to some and the rest don’t work. In July I got bitten again and couldn’t get the tick off. It took 11 days for it to come off! Now I’m having mostly the same symptoms as when I first got sick. I am really wondering what to do next, as I am terrified of doing a rerun of this. Any insight and suggestions would be wonderful. THANK YOU!!!

Stephen’s response:
I would begin using astragalus regularly, 1,000 mg daily. That will help prevent or reduce reinfection and symptoms. I highly suggest Japanese knotweed for these symptoms; it is specific for inflammation in the meninges. Stephania is also specific for that. I would also suggest you obtain (Google search – it’s rare but findable) Indian pipe tincture for the pain. It is often very effective for this, up to 1/2 ounce in a glass of water.
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