Dear Stephen,
All 3 of my dogs have gotten the lyme vaccine. My older dog had anoplasmosis and was on antibiotics for over a month. He did get better but he does seem calm and has sore joints. With our new puppy I’m thinking of not getting any lyme vaccine even though we have a million ticks here. Is there a preventative course of herbal treatments to help prevent ticks from getting on the dogs? We do tick/flea baths, they wear a collar and they get the Frontline but they still get ticks. The middle dog has strange lumps and I’m convinced its from getting the lyme vaccine (they are not cancerous) but now the vet wants to remove one near her anus but warned she may become incontinent so we are not having it removed unless she can no longer have a bowel movement. I feel lied to by my vet.

Stephen’s response:
The best thing I have found for dogs is the use of homeopathic ledum (as in the book), and knotweed and cat’s claw with the dose reduced for their size. A number of dog owners have used this with good success. Other than that flea and tick collars are a good way to go. Those lumps may be fatty deposits. No one seems to know why dogs get them. Our dog who is nearing 17 has lots but oddly once we began giving him whatever he wanted to eat, including the worst dog food on the market (giving up the healthy stuff) he began to improve, many of the lumps began to diminish in size and his energy improved. Go figure.
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