Dear Stephen,
I have had lyme for twelve years but was bitten again in ’03 in Canada. I have traveled to Germany for treatment after an intensive course of IV and oral antibiotics. But after nearly dying with sepsis I have decided once I finish my latest course to try your protocol. I have six co-infections. Here in the UK it is so difficult as we only have one LLMD and its not a well known disease, yes we’re growing in numbers rapidly but you know the story. I have tried the sites you recommend for your three core protocol herbs. Unfortunately they don’t deliver to the UK. They are far more expensive here, too. The fact that we need to build up to so many capsules is a bit daunting, in terms of the cost here. Do you know of anywhere I could buy in bulk that would deliver to the UK? As my lyme is very neurological I’m finding it difficult to think of how many to order, not wanting to under order or buy so many and risk the chance I may not be able to tolerate some…..what would you recommend? Thank you for your very informative book, I recommended it to my nutritionist who found it eye opening, too, not having ANY knowledge of lyme. It’s heading to conferences in London along with her now.


Stephen’s response:
I would suggest you look for knotweed in the UK as it is an invasive there as it is here and harvest the root yourself. (Collect the root anytime, however it is strongest in spring. It should be cut up and air dried out of the sun; I would not use a sauna. Buy 00 capsules, fill and take as directed in the book OR take 1 tbl 3-4x daily blended in juice). I am not all that up on sources for herbs in the UK, sorry.
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