Dear Stephen,
You say stephania root is contraindicated in lyme carditis in your book Healing Lyme, but elsewhere in that chapter it says you’ve found it effective in treating arrhythmia, angina and myocardial infarction. Can you clarify that discrepancy? Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
Good question. I actually say that caution should be exercised in its use for lyme carditis. This is because of the particulars of heart involvement in lyme disease. One of the primary problems in lyme is atrioventricular block. Because stephania is a powerful calcium channel blocker caution should be exercised as pharmaceutical calcium channel blockers are not to be prescribed in AV block.

As I go on to note there are no indications that the herb is truly contraindicated in lyme carditis but because of the impact of calcium channel blockers on AV block, caution should be exercised in its use when lyme carditis is involved.

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