Dear Stephen,
I recently was diagnosed with lyme and came back positive on both sides of the Western Blot test. I have been sick for ten years or more and symptoms just got worse. Went from overactive bladder, inner ear degeneration, eye nystagmus, vertigo, balance and coordination problems, sensory problems, to joint pain and numbness in fingers and toes, twitches in my eyelid, face tingling and confusion and disorientation. I have been on your protocol for one month on the lowest dose along with taking doxycycline. I felt just a touch better a week in and now feel horrible. I understand about the herxeimer effect but how long should this last? Do you have any idea when I should start feeling better? The andographis I take from Planetary Herbals says to not take for more than ten days in a row. Is it ok to take for a year? I am getting some itching problems from the protocol. Is it the andrographis, do you think? Should I up the amount of herbs I am taking to feel better? Thanks for all your hard work helping us with lyme.
Stephen’s response:
I would discontinue the andrographis and use the following: knotweed root, cat’s claw, eleutherococcus as your primary protocol, as outlined in the book. After 30 days, if you are not feeling a lot better, add rhodiola tincture 30 drops 3x daily and write again.
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