Dear Stephen,
I’ve recently been diagnosed with late stage babesia. I was on mepron and zithromax for two weeks and started having problems. Raised skin on face after two days – went to three doctors and no one has ever seen anything like it, so they told me they can’t help. Two weeks after, I thought I developed a UTI. The stick tests (2 of them) came back positive for infection. The culture came back negative. I have bad kidney pain on the right, but the ultrasound came back clear. I feel constant pressure on my bladder and have to urinate constantly. There is no pain though, and there is a lot of urine each time. No one can tell me what is wrong.

My doctor has put me on 3 different antibiotics for this and none have touched it. Could this be a side effect of the medications (for babesia), or is the babesia itself causing this? I can’t take this any more. If I ever do get the urinary problem cleared up, I would like to know if I can take mahonia/Artemisia annua WITH the mepron and zithromax to speed my recovery. I have heard horror stories of people being on these medications for months, and sometimes years. I refuse to do that to my body. Here is a list of herbs I am taking now…royal jelly, wild yam, grapeseed extract, calcium/magnesium, flaxseed oil, dandelion root. I stopped taking fish oil after the skin raised on my face hoping that was the cause. That was the only new supplement I started. I have been off it for two weeks now, and my skin is still raised. I need some advice…I’m hoping you can help. Thank you for your time.

Stephen’s response:
If I were you I would exhaustively study the side effects from those medications; I often find they are the culprit. Google is invaluable for this. I would recommend only a month of artemisinin, but not when you are having these kinds of reactions. I would recommend you try a UTI herbal formulation, perhaps uva ursi, marshmallow, corn silk, and maybe juniper berries. You should be able to find something like that pretty easily – close is good enough, and see if that helps. If artemisinin doesn’t work, use cryptolepis for the babesia; it should also help with the UTI if you want to begin it immediately.
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