Dear Stephen,
I’m very sensitive to most things and experience die off with minimal amounts of herbals. I just started resveratrol (half a pill of the one you recommend in the book) and am having TMJ swelling feelings, among a few other things. Do you see an intensified symptom picture with resveratrol? This reaction is similar to most things I take (samento with only 1/2 a drop, olive leaf extract with only a quarter of a capsule). Thanks for your help!

Stephen’s response:
A very few people do not respond well to resveratrol, try stephania instead OR buy knotweed tincture and begin with a few drops only. Many people with lyme are very sensitive and the doses in the book are only guidelines. They have to be adjusted for each individual person. Some people get well with 3 drops of tincture 3x daily. (Not kidding, but it is unusual.)
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