Dear Stephen,
I am having a problem with high liver enzymes. I am on the Core Protocol. My doctor has told me to quit the herbs and we will re-check. I have heard a warning about cat’s claw being a problem with liver. I have been ill with lyme for at least 24yrs and just diagnosed 2 years ago. I started with cat’s claw, then bee-venom shots, salt and vitamin C and then found your wonderful book and added andrographis and resveratrol. No longer doing shots. I am feeling extremely ill. I understand babesia can affect the liver but I tested negative. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Others have suggested castor oil packs. Thanks and blessings to you.

Stephen’s response:
Castor oil packs do help many people, mostly for pain in the liver, however. You might check my book Herbs for Hepatitis C and The Liver (see bookstore). I talk a lot in there about herbs for high liver enzymes.

In any event, the basic thing to take is standardized milk thistle capsules. I emphasize standardized. Take 1,200 mg a day to begin with. This should lower enzyme levels in a few weeks.

I have not heard about any of these herbs having negative liver impacts, in fact several of them are used in the treatment of liver disease. I am surprised to hear about elevated liver enzymes in the absence of babesia infection with lyme only, but again, lyme continually surprises me. In any event, milk thistle is the best place to begin.

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