Dear Stephen,
First I just want to thank you for all you do! I have been using your core protocol for about a month. I am at nearly the maximum dose levels, and am also taking andrographis, stephania, red root, vinpocetine, chlorella, turmeric and sarsaparilla. I am also drinking about 32 ounces of fresh squeezed juice daily (carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, parsley, kale/spinach/dandelion, ginger, lemon). My question has to do with treating low testosterone concurrently with the lyme. My testosterone recently tested VERY low, and I started taking herbs last week from Woodland Essence (muscle tone formula and pine pollen alone) – herbs you suggested in your Raising Testosterone book. Is it acceptable to take the testosterone herbs with the lyme herbs? Also, I was experimenting with niacin just before I started the Core Protocol. The direction here (as I read) is to use actual niacin (not the no flush variety), building to about 3000mg/day in divided doses. The couple of times I did this, I had very major herxes, and was beginning to believe it was effective. What are your feelings about niacin and would it be contraindicated if I am doing the core protocol and the testosterone raising herbs? Some of these are powerful, and I don’t want to overdo anything. Thanks again.
Stephen’s response:
Yes, you can take the testosterone herbs as well. If your testosterone is very low, I would recommend you take pine pollen as a single extract rather than in a mix. Niacin is not contraindicated but I usually suggest a lowish dose in the beginning to minimize side effects. (Thanks for your kind comments.)
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