Dear Stephen,
I am working with LLND who believes in treating co-infections first. So, I have been on your bartonella protocal for two weeks, and I do believe it is helping! I have another 4+ weeks on it. What I would like to do with this next 4 weeks while I am on the bartonella herbs, is also do Dr. Hulda Clark’s herbal kidney cleanse at the same time. It consists of the following: 1) a root decoction of hydrangea, gravel root, and marshmallow, mixed with black cherry concentrate; 2) a goldenrod tincture; 3) uva ursi and ginger root capsules; 4) magnesium and B6 supplements. One brews the tea and drinks throughout the day along with increasing water intake for 4 weeks. Ultimately, I want to also do the epsom salt/olive oil liver flush. I want my organs of elimination working really well. What do you think? I am a bit impatient, I really want to be well, soon, and to use my time to the greatest advantage. Thank you very much.

Stephen’s response:
These programs have produced some good results over the years and there is no reason not to use them as you have described.
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