Dear Stephen,
My eight year old daughter just got diagnosed with lyme last month. She has a good LLMD but I would like to use your protocol on her. She was not tested yet with co-infections. What would be the best herbs to use? She is on Ceftin 250 mg bid and on vitamin D, B Complex, Gaba, vitamin C, DHA for juniors. She started having hallucinations, muscle twisting, weakness, severe headaches, rage, uncontrollable anger, back and neck pain, waking up at night and she’s just not her regular self. Please help her… I just need some suggestions as what to use on her, she can’t swallow pills so I mix her herbs with apple sauce – thats the only way I can make her take her pills.

Stephen’s response:
Japanese knotweed for sure. Use the tinctures if she can’t swallow pills; they are easy to take in juice. It would help to work with someone who can take personal time with you in this instance I think. Knotweed will help headaches and pain, eleuthero will help weakness, andrographis can help hallucinations, melatonin liquid (Premier Research Labs brand) will help with sleeplessness. Lyme rage is a tough one and needs a lot of personal work and attention. I would begin with exploring the following tinctures one by one: coral root, pasque flower, motherwort. I would also highly suggest teasel flower essence. Hope this helps.
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