Dear Stephen,
My wife and I started on your protocol last year and have been building up one herb at a time. Last November we started on andrographis and built that up to the 4-4x a day. Since doing that, I have not been able to taste food and my beard which was always very thick developed holes. I used to need to trim the beard at least every 2 weeks. I have not done so for 3 months! And it looks shorter than it did then. My hair is also coming out in mass amounts when I brush or wash it. We have been having trouble getting andrographis lately and started using stephania. I did see improvement after taking andrographis. Less hand and finger pain making it much more comfortable to play and teach musical instruments. I do wonder if we should try to get a new supply of andrographis or not. My wife has heart palpitations and asthma and I have a rash that looks like it might be guttah psoriasis which comes out every year about January. We also tend to stay up all night and sleep during the day. I wonder if that could be an effect of lyme. Any thoughts or insights you may have would be appreciated. We so want to become part of the new world again.

Stephen’s response:
Well, this is a new one on me. I would discontinue the andrographis. Stephania is specific for some things like Bell’s palsy but I generally recommend it as a substitute for knotweed, not andrographis. I would just discontinue the andrographis and let things get back to normal.
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