Dear Stephen,
I’ve been on multiple antibiotics for 2+ yrs which has only provided periodic relief of my lyme symptoms (severe fatigue, muscle pain, cardiac arrhythmias). After taking a break from antibiotics I started your protocol (Japanese knotweed, cat’s claw, eleuthero, and andrographis) about 3-4 months ago. Given that I didn’t improve all that much and after listening to a DVD of your June 08 lecture where you indicated antibiotic therapy plus the core protocol improved treatment outcomes, I returned to my lyme physician and added antibiotics (biaxin and plaquenil) to your core protocol. He ordered a full blood work-up since I had not seen him for several months. The blood work-up was done 2 weeks into my antibiotic treatment and for the first time my liver enzymes were elevated. You were asked a question by a physician during your June 08 lecture: He had several patients with elevated liver enzymes who were on your core protocol and antibiotics. I think you were leaning toward the andrographis as the possible culprit? Is this still the case? Any additional insights? Do you happen to remember who the physician was; might be useful to communicate with him. Thanks much for all your work.

Stephen’s response:
I do hear from time to time about elevated liver enzymes and I am not sure what might be the reason. Andrographis, though I suspected it might be the reason, is actually used for a number of liver diseases and has the general tendency to lower enzyme levels. I would add 1200 mg of standardized milk thistle daily, this should lower enzyme levels and protect liver function effectively.
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