Dear Stephen,
I have read your book (THANK YOU for sharing your tremendous knowledge!) and am starting your lyme protocol. I am stumped however on some of the instructions such as “astragalus – not for chronic lyme, new tick bites only”. I was bitten by a tick 4 months ago. About 6 weeks after the bite I started experiencing heart arrhythmias, sleep issues and joint pain. I went on 10 days of doxycycline which took care of the joint pain but the heart arrhythmias and sleep issues continue unabated). I don’t remember seeing chronic, new or late-stage defined anywhere in your book (if it’s there please excuse my error and point me to the pages). What am I? What are the qualifications to be in each group. Is there something in between “new” and “chronic”. I don’t feel I belong to either of these categories. Should I be taking astragalus or not? Thanks for any guidance.

Stephen’s response:
Well, in the book, I mention that it is for early and early to mid-stage lyme, rather than late. I do talk about the distinction in the book but it is a hard one to pin down, not much medical agreement on the stages. I would go ahead and use the astragalus. Yes.
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