Dear Stephen,
I have huge confusion over the species of Sida acuta (Burm F) via the USDA, India, other websites. “Burm F” is lumped together with common wireweed-cordifolia-rhombifolia L-tea weed-broom weed-horn leaf sida-clock plant… but there seems to be at least 2 distinct species by differing common names on other pages/botany sites. (India lists 5, including mysorensis, rhombifolia-metusa, all of medicinal use without mentioning infection to discern, and uses are greatly differing, but no Indian colloquial name for medicinal herb “wireweed/burm f” is noted with it, as if it’s not usually sold). Which species exactly is helpful for coinfections? Correct foreign names and common names would be very helpful to find the proper herb on the Internet as so many sources differ in the names. I cannot find the herb at all after an in-depth search over many days, except seeds from Belize. I cannot afford the drops via your link, as we have four in our family living below poverty level, and drat, the herb doesn’t grow in my state.
Stephen’s response:
Sida is presently somewhat hard to find commercially and there are, as yet, no companies selling the herb in bulk – in spite of the fact that it is a potent medicinal used in both Africa and Asia. I suspect that will change fairly soon. The plant is common throughout the Gulf Coast regions of the US, especially in Florida. One approach is to see if any herbalists in that region will harvest it for you. As to the species used, most can be. The ones I recommend are Sida acuta (most of the research has been on this member of the genus) and then Sida rhombifolia, then Sida cordifolia. You can get cordifolia a few places, here is one: and here is another: I have no idea as to their quality. I would not recommend buying cordifolia from weight loss manufacturers.
[Note from editor: This reader wrote back and shared that she got Sida cordifolia via Chinese Herbs, and “sinuses (30 years of hell) are already feeling better! I can smell things again!! Not since 1981!!!”]
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