Dear Stephen,
I am on the protocol and I am now experiencing something that I used to experience before treatment; a kind of tendonitis – big pain and such a strange sensation of melting at the level of the ligaments in my hands (palm), in the sole ligaments (thenar), and also intercostal, the left-bottom side, starting all the time in the night, as soon as I get to bed. I have read in your book Healing Lyme about the controversy regarding cat’s claw and tendonitis as a possible effect. What do you suggest to improve my health? I am in doubt of using cat’s claw (3*3 /daily), but am more concerned about addressing my pain and insomnia. Thank you.
Stephen’s response:
Sida acuta tincture for the sole and palm pain as well as glucosamine/msm mixture. For insomnia: melatonin liquid drops just before bed, ashwagandha (1 tsp day of tincture, just before bed), and Chinese skullcap root tincture ¼-1/2 tsp 3x daily.
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