Dear Stephen,
I was reading on a blog about carnivora (Venus Fly Trap) and it was touted as promoting/supporting resistance to harmful invaders and providing powerful antioxidant support for heart and cell growth function. I found this on a lyme blog and several people were referring to this product. Do you know anything about it? Any reason why you wouldn’t promote this?

Stephen’s response:
Again: ALL herbs are useful medicines at different times for different things for different people. The main thing is: does it help. There is a lot out there about carnivora and for some people it is very useful. The lyme community, along with the AIDS and cancer communities, is very diligent about exploring things that can help their situation. What I suggest is NOT the only way to go. Try it, if it works for you, then that is what you should use. In general, the things I suggest for lyme I suggest as a core around which ANYTHING else may be used. My goal was to generate a protocol that would also make sense to physicians who are usually antagonistic to herbs because for many people the pharmaceuticals just don’t work. If the science looks okay, then many physicians are more prone to support it. The science on carnivore is thinner than I like. That does not mean it won’t help, just that it didn’t pass my test for inclusion. In spite of that, I use a great many things for myself and others that have little science on them. What matters is if it helps.
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