Dear Stephen,
I am currently treating some of the co-infections and I was wondering if there is something I can take in the same time for a burning sensation that I get on my face. It lasts a few seconds, but sometimes it is more intense than others and more frequent. It calms down strangely about 45 minutes after I eat. When I sleep I have to put the sheet over my head if I want it to calm down and have any chance of falling asleep. I just hope it will calm down as I treat lyme and co-infections, but if there is something I can do in the meantime it would be great, because I have to eat almost every hour to manage the pain and I hardly sleep. Would pasque flower help, and if so, is it toxic? Thank you very much.
Stephen’s response:
Pasque flower tincture is what I would begin with. 10 drops every hour or so. Pasque flower is not toxic. The worst that can happen if you overdose is vomiting, usually, nausea occurs first and that is usually enough to get someone to stop taking it. I have used pasque flower at this dose, 10-15 drops per hour, throughout the day for over 20 years without problems. It is a fine herb. The main thing is to not take a whole lot of it at once, hence the 10 drop dosage recommendation. Like a lot of herbs, there are some common overblown warnings for pasque flower, but I just haven’t seen any evidence of them being true.
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