Dear Stephen,
I read your discussion (pg. 125) regarding not using astragalus in late-stage lyme, but wondered if that still applies in the case of a new tick bite? I’ve had increased symptoms since finding the embedded deer tick about 2-1/2 weeks ago, which I mistook for several days as a flare or herx because it felt more internal than on the surface (tail-bone area), so I’m sure it was there at least 48-72 hours. I immediately began doxycycline but couldn’t tolerate it and stopped after 5 days. I’ve been on your herbs since August (CP + stephania + eleuthero [2:1] + others, mostly at 3-3x/day now) as well as the Salt/C protocol since June, after 2+ years on antibiotics under a top LLMD here in Connecticut, who originally diagnosed me in April of 2004. I took homeopathic ledum and apis for 3 days each as recommended in your book, but have avoided astragalus due to the contraindication. It sounds like the best herb for a new bite, so would perhaps taking the “Tonic” rather than the “Active lyme infection” dosage be an advisable compromise, or should I just not use it at all? Is there anything else you’d recommend in my situation? Thanks very much.

Stephen’s response:
Go ahead and use the astragalus, full strength. I would suggest using it for a few months.
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