Dear Stephen,
I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, mild rheumatoid arthritis, and high levels of NK killer cells. I have been advised by an herbalist not to use astragalus as it seems that I am Th-1 dominant and that astragalus stimulates Th-1 activity (I have not been able to get pregnant/or hold a pregnancy because of my overactive immune system). I live in a lyme endemic area and am looking for a good preventative. I tested positive for band 23 on IGM Lyme western blot. I have never been symptomatic but feel like I most certainly have been exposed to lyme as I am a professional gardener. Could my overactive Th-1 response have kept the spirochetes at bay? Your book is so intelligently written…Thank you, for all of your work!!!
Stephen’s response:
A high Th-1 immune system does seem to help prevent infection and at the least help prevent severe infection if an infection occurs. I would suggest using cat’s claw daily since you are in an endemic area.
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