Dear Stephen,
It was posted (on another site) that you said andrographis is good for acute lyme but that it wasn’t showing results for chronic lyme. Is this true? Is it not recommended for chronic lyme? I wish to clarify and report back with information from the horses’ mouth. Here are the posts that raised this question (for reference):
(post 1 from XYZ) … BLT – This is the buhner herbs WITHOUT Andographis which Buhner said at the 2008 conference that he would not recommend for chronic lyme…
(post2 from Rich) …Just to clarify, did Buhner say not to use Andrographis for chronic lyme?…
(post 3 from XYZ)…am 95 % sure he said to use it for acute but that it wasn’t showing results for chronic lyme…
Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
Actually, I meant and thought I said, that I just don’t think that andrographis is the most important herb anymore. However, a lot of people experience a lot of help from it and I think it important in this order: knotweed, cat’s claw, eleutherococcus, andrographis. It is useful for chronic lyme, for some people crucially so.
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