Dear Stephen,
I contracted a rash using andrographis, so I have removed it from my protocol for lyme. The rash break out resembles spirochete (strands) and babesia (circles). I have a few questions: 1) Does having had a rash flare up indicate that lyme is present (my tests came back negative)? 2) What herb can I substitute for andrographis? 3) Assuming I do have babesia and borellia present, are those good enough? Please advise. Thank you.
Stephen’s response:
The rash is just the rash, some people get it, most don’t. If you do get it, then removing it from the protocol is the best thing to do. As a systemic antibacterial, especially since you have babesia as well, I would suggest a tincture blend of cryptolepis, alchornea, sida actua (equal parts) ¼ tsp 3x daily. You can get Woodland Essence to make it for you.
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