Dear Stephen,
My son was diagnosed with stage 2 lyme disease on June 4th, 2016. He was bit 2-3 weeks prior to diagnosis and by the time we caught it, he had Bell’s palsy. He was treated with antibiotics and steroids for 14-21 days. I gave him the antibiotic longer than prescribed to finish the medicine since they were still good. I just am not sure it is gone. Is there something I can be doing to help his body heal completely? Have you read or studied the stevia plant with lyme? I don’t want my son to have a life dealing with lyme. Thank you in advance.
Stephen’s response:
I would suggest the use of Green Dragon Botanicals Tonic blend. We have used stevia for many years in lyme treatment but not as an antimicrobial. We have not seen any antimicrobial effects in practice. The in vitro study that is being cited nowadays is not very good. I discuss that briefly in the second printing, due out in a month, of the second edition of Healing Lyme.
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