Dear Stephen,
My 3 year old was diagnosed with lyme last May while living in Connecticut. She had three bull’s eye rashes approximately 27 days after being bit. She ran a fever with the rash, developed a cough and would complain of a belly ache, too. Doc gave her 10 days worth of amoxicillin and sent us on our way with “we see this all the time – antibiotics take care of it.” About five months later she started complaining of belly aches a lot and occasionally her leg would hurt but not consistent enough to say there was a problem until 2 weeks ago she couldn’t walk and was limping and falling down. Now almost every night she curls up in a ball and winces in pain. She says it’s her knees and her stomach. Doc confirmed lyme disease antibodies exist at our appointment last week and she tested negative for Crohn’s disease. Her lab work indicated high sed rate and low hemoglobin. I want to start with the teasel root as you suggested to another concerned parent with a similar situation. I have your book on the way! Thank you for being the only trustworthy resource it seems!! My one question is, to nip this in the bud early on would it be suggested that my 3 year old stay on herbal therapy? I just don’t want to under treat to find out later in life she has new symptoms! Especially since symptoms can be serious.


Stephen’s response:
Astragalus is a good herb to use regularly, as well as knotweed root. As her knees hurt, teasel is a good one to use, too. As she is young, the doses should be small. If Kratom is legal where you live, I’d recommend giving that a try as well. Start small: I recommend dosing with kratom tea or low-dosage capsules as she is young, but it has shown promise in my (albeit small sample size) trials.
See here for my recommended Astragalus source:
See here for my recommended kratom source:
With young children it is a slow, step-by-step process, adding things slowly and paying close attention to symptoms to help them feel better.

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