Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your book and for trying to help people. I am reading Healing Lyme and have a question. My son has had Bell’s palsy since July 2013. While it has improved, he still has never regained complete movement on the left side of his face. He tested positive for lyme as recently as last month. He is mostly non-symptomatic at this point save some periodic lethargy and the residual paralysis from Bell’s palsy. He is active and does well in school and plays two sports. I read in your book to use Stephania tetrandra for treatment of Bell’s palsy. Do you think after having it for more than 2.5 years this treatment can still possibly help? Especially since he is positive for IgM. I want to treat him but not use antibiotics. Thank you so very much for having this site and your book, and being available to spread positive energy.

Stephen’s response:
There are more suggestions for treating Bell’s palsy in the second edition of the Healing Lyme book. Yes, it can correct, even after all this time.
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