What are Stephen Harrod Buhner’s qualifications for writing a book and developing an herbal treatment protocol for lyme and other tick-borne infections?
The best overview of Stephen’s training is on his website: gaianstudies.org.

Has Stephen Buhner ever worked one-on-one with patients with lyme disease?
Stephen maintained a private practice in both psychotherapy and clinical herbalism from 1980 until 2005. He has worked with many people with lyme since the book was published. He no longer sees individual clients.

What is the success rate of the Healing Lyme protocol?
While this is approximate, in general 75% of those who use the protocol as a core treatment regimen (along with other herbs and supplements as symptoms dictate) feel that they are cured. Another 15% experience the reduction of most, if not all, symptoms. Five percent experience some relief. Five percent experience no help.

How soon can one expect to see improvements on the protocol?
How quickly people begin to improve depends a great deal on how sick you are, how long you have been sick, your immune health, and what kind of co-infections you have. Some people experience significant improvement within two weeks, others find it takes several months. In general, Stephen tells people that they should notice improvements in 14 to 60 days.

How do you know if the protocol is working?
You begin to feel better.

Can you take all the herbs if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?
No; please check the individual herbs in the Healing Lyme book to see if they are contraindicated for conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
 See also: pregnancy | breastfeeding.

What is a herx?
A Herxheimer reaction (herx) typically refers to a reaction to the release of endotoxins when bacteria are killed during antibiotic treatment faster than the body can remove the toxins. It can result in fever, muscle pain, and overall increased symptoms. For some with lyme, this “die-off” reaction can produce symptoms more severe than the lyme itself, sometimes even life-threatening, and so care must be taken during any lyme treatment program. See also: herxheimer reaction.

If I don’t have a herx does it mean the protocol is not working?
No; not everyone will herx from the Healing Lyme herbal protocol.

How can I stop a herx?
The best way to manage a herx is to reduce the dosage of the herbs you are taking until your symptoms reach a manageable level. 
Ramp up slowly, as your symptoms allow.

How many people have recovered from chronic lyme on the Healing Lyme protocol?
There is no way to tell the numbers of people that have used part or all of the protocol as there are many physicians and other healing professionals using it in one form or another, nor do all the people who use it contact Stephen. He has heard from a thousand or more people using the protocol in the past 6 years. The majority of them regained their health.