Dear Stephen,
I’ve read the new protocols and noticed several changes. Most of all, the addition of Salvia miltiorrhiza to the protocols and a change in the recommended mushrooms. We have multiple co-infections with our lyme – chlamydia with very high titers, ehrlichia as well, bartonella and viral infections like EBV, herpes. Where do we start? Treating lyme, chlamydia or ehrlichia — or all of them together? I’ve seen that the protocols are mostly alike when it comes to the immunomodulation, but what comes first when treating the underlying bugs?

Stephen’s response:
There is some cross over in the herbs suggested. Ehrlichia is more difficult in some respects than the other members of the lyme group. In this instance I would begin with both lyme and chlamydia protocols. In cases of overlap there is no need to take a combined dosage, adding the amounts from different protocols. When there are multiple infections such as this, an additional focus we think crucial is to look at the most severe symptoms and address those as well. I wish I could offer a simple answer, but with multiple infections, in general, we get our toe in the water and then, often bi-weekly, modulate the protocol to begin reducing symptoms. Treatment of the lyme group, especially with complex symptom picture or multiple infections remains more of an art than a science.
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