Dear Stephen,
I have done “sudharshan kriya” (a powerful rhythmic breathing exercise) for the past four years, from the Art of Living course. I’ve done this exercise to get out of trauma from the death of my friend. It is one of the most wonderful things I have done in my life. It helped me relieve the stress, be focused, stay in the present, and energize each cell of my body. It definitely has wonderful health benefits. It involves heavy breathing with hand movements and meditation for 20 minutes. Studies have been conducted on sudharshan kriya and it is exceptionally beneficial for multiple sclerosis. I have less blood flow in my left brain and I’m hoping this will help resolve the problem. I want to do this exercise daily now. I have heard that bartonella loves oxygen. I was wondering if by doing this exercise, will I be feeding the bacteria?
Stephen’s response:
Bartonella does not love oxygen, but it does have an essential need for heme, one of the components of hemoglobin, primarily to get the iron which is bound up in the heme. So, it attacks red blood cells to get the heme. The breathing exercises won’t enhance bartonella infection.
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