Dear Stephen,
I need help!! In April of 2015 I was diagnosed at Mayo with Mycoplasma pneumoniae with neurological complications. Since I had been through breast cancer with chemotherapy and multiple surgeries since 2013, my body was very, very weak and we were grasping for straws. I came to Mayo clinic from Indiana with a severe headache, a fever and cough. They ran a battery of tests and couldn’t find anything until they ran the mycoplasma bacteria test and “bam” there it was Mycoplasma pneumoniae. The reason they tested for that was the fact that 2 weeks prior I traveled to Florida by plane. I had a course of Zithromax Z-Pak and was told that my body needs to fight it off, but I’m struggling! Struggling is an understatement! I have dizziness and with all the tests, visits to ENT and multiple MDs, endocrinologists, neurological evaluations and scans and spinal tap and brain MRI etc., nobody finds anything wrong, but I’m sick! I thought maybe you could guide me to healing?! Symptoms are dizziness almost daily and aching from time to time, feeling tired. Please get back to me with your thoughts! Thank you.
Stephen’s response:
There is an extensive protocol for mycoplasma in my book on mycoplasma and bartonella.
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