Dear Stephen,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the public service you are providing. You inspire! I’ve been on your lyme protocol for a month. I also have mold neurotoxicity (diagnosed by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, whose work you may know) from working in a sick building. I am wondering if you can recommend additional herbs I can take in conjunction with the lyme herbs to detoxify my body from mold. Both are neurotoxic illnesses from what I understand. Perhaps the lyme herbs are sufficient for treating the mycotoxins? Thank you, many blessings to you and your staff.
Stephen’s response:
I would suggest two combination formulas:
Isatis, alchornea, lomatium, licorice tincture – equal parts of each (try, ¼ tsp 3x daily for one month (to see how it works for you) and Chinese skullcap, rhodiola, kudzu root tincture – equal parts, same dosage.
You will have to buy each of these tinctures separately and combine them yourself as I don’t know of anyone who has all three. Elk Mountain Herbs carries the skullcap, I would use Herb Pharm rhodiola, and you can try this for the kudzu root:
I would use the second combination for at least three months and longer if you think it is working for you. If the first one seems to help, keep on taking it as well, for a few months.
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