Dear Stephen,
I have had good success with your Core Protocol and appreciated your response to a question regarding lyme and pregnancy some years ago. I have lyme and extensive allergies, and, after being mostly well for 10 years, am once again experiencing chronic vaginal symptoms. My yeast overgrowth/allergies are being well-addressed through antifungals and immunotherapy (LDA), but I have recurrent bacterial vaginosis that has not responded to various forms of treatment. I have searched the archive and your Herbal Antibiotics book, but haven’t found anything specific for gardnerella. Do you have any suggestions?

Stephen’s response:
The second edition of the Herbal Antibiotics book has more on this as does the second edition of Healing Lyme in the Chlamydia section. I would suggest the use of a douche that contains antibacterial herbs as well as some internal systemic antibacterials such as cryptolepis.
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