Dear Stephen,
My question concerns nattokinase and candida. I understand that nattokinase is made from fermented soy. I’d like to take something to speed the removal of biofilm, but per my anti-candida diet, I am not supposed to have any fermented foods. I’m also concerned about GMOs– soy is often GMO. I suppose non-GMO nattokinase is available–is there a brand you recommend? Do you think taking nattokinase would be safe in my case? Would another biofilm-busting product be better, and if so, what do you suggest?

Stephen’s response:
I can’t see how nattokinase would be contraindicated in candida. It is made from fermented soy, it is not fermented soy. So, I would go ahead and use it. If you feel worse, stop, but it should be fine. I don’t have a specific brand that I like more than the others.
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