Dear Stephen,
Back in 2002, I started having trouble with word finding, memory, mood swings, repeated sinus and UTI infections, and one day – even Bell’s palsy. I was sent to an infectious disease doctor who checked me for lyme and hepatits C. No lyme showed up, but he said I had antibodies to hep C but no virus. I was completely surprised by this and was tested on and off for the next 5 years. Never showed any virus. I went to a LLMD and they found mycoplasma and borderline ehrlichia. Those were treated. My LLMD was convinced that the hep C was a false positive. I was on antibiotics for 7 years for lyme. I have mold issues, now chemical sensitivities, and am hypothyroid. I cannot recover from exercise, have 30 food intolerances, my cortisol production is basically non-existent. My lyme shows up positive but only through Igenex. Borderline positive EBV and HHV-6. I am currently getting tested for the XMRV viruses at Whitmore Peterson. I am on Dr Shoemaker’s protocol and a lot of vitamins. I have heard about your hep C formula without the hep C herbs and possibly no astragalus. Not sure if that fits me or not. Can you recommend herbs for me that will help me with my conditions? Thanks so much.
Stephen’s response:
These kinds of conditions are very difficult to treat and often take a long time. But they can be treated; you can get better. It just takes a lot of focus and persistence. There is probably a limit as to how much I can do for you in this kind of forum. Often this kind of condition needs regular work with a good holistic practitioner who can alter the regimen regularly until just the right mix is found. Much of your chemical sensitivity is probably due to the long antibiotic use. It will take a while to correct. However, here is how I would begin:
1) Get my book on fasting and go on the cleansing diet for three months minimum. This will help your system begin to detox and regenerate itself.
2) Regularly juice the following and drink each morning: 1 medium beet, 2 carrots, 4 stalks of celery. This will help your adrenals and your energy levels.
3) Buy one pound each (POWDERED) milk thistle seed, ashwaganda, astragalus, Siberian ginseng (eleutherococcus), spirulina, chlorella, licorice root. Take FOUR ounces of each herb EXCEPT licorice – TAKE TWO OUNCES LICORICE – and mix all together well. KEEP THE REST IN PLASTIC BAGS INSIDE A CLOSED PLASTIC BIN FOR USE LATER. Take ¼ each of the mixed herbs, blended in juice every evening before bed. The amount of herbs you have bought will last you at least a year. Take the herbs until all are gone (you will have some licorice left, you don’t need to take this).
4) Buy the muscle toner blend from Woodland Essence and take 30 drops 3x a day for 3 months.
After 3 months, please email me direct and let me know how things are.
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