Dear Stephen,
Thank you so much for your thorough natural recommendations for getting rid of mycoplasma. I have a question for you: my husband was shown to have mycoplasma pneumonia (and lyme, and probably a lot more)…regarding the herbs to be taken for mycoplasma, does this cover killing off all forms of mycoplasma? In my research, it appears that each form requires a different antibiotic – are all forms effectively treated under this one herbal umbrella? Thanks a million and many, many blessings.

Stephen’s response:
The mycoplasma protocol, in its depth, is long. Primarily because the organism scavenges so many nutrients from the body in order to survive. The protocol is altered depending on what part of the body is primarily infected and also the symptom picture. In general Chinese skullcap, cordyceps, isatis, houttuynia and sida acuta will take care of most of the problems but that is just a shorthand for the whole thing, which will be out in the book in April of 2013 from Inner Traditions. As an example: if it is in the urinary tract bidens and uva ursi need to be used; in the cervix, a berberine plant; in the lungs, a combination of lung antimicrobials – all these in addition to the basic protocol. And yes, the herbal protocol will, in general, treat all the different species that exist.
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