Dear Stephen,
I am a 29 year old who experienced no health issues until I had the MMR injection last May. I had an anaphylactic reaction and my health quickly declined. To date I have been diagnosed with bartonella, borrelia and babesia, heavy metals, an overgrowth of bad bugs in the gut and recently Citrobacter freundii. My health was improving initially on my protocol, I consider rmyself lucky to be back at work and living 50% of my normal life. My doctor only recently decided to focus on the Citrobacter freundii and the medication is causing me horrific problems. Research links it to liver failure and lung collapses. Do you know of any natural remedies for this rather resistant bacteria? It has come back positive in a stool and urine sample. Thank you!

Stephen’s response:
The protocol for klebsiella infections in the second edition of the Herbal Antibiotics book is where I would begin. Klebsiella and citrobacter are fairly closely related.
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