Dear Stephen,
It has been suggested I use teasel while treating for coinfections of lyme as it draws the bacteria out of organs and makes them easier to kill. Do you have experience with teasel? Is there anything I need to be careful of while taking it? Do you know of any non-alcoholic tinctures available? Thank you for your time.

Stephen’s response:
In my experience teasel is most effective for helping with arthritic symptoms from lyme; I don’t know of any contraindications. Here is a source for a glycerite of teasel, normally you should increase dosage intake if using glycerites by 1/3 as they are less strong than alcohol tinctures.

[Editor’s note: This reader wrote in afterwards to report that she experienced the worst herpes outbreak of her life after taking teasel. She felt the teasel drew out the herpes and wanted to warn others of this potential.]

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