Dear Stephen,
Do you think it is possible to make a tea with all the capsules that you need for your day except for andrographis and sip it all day? Would it be as powerful this way and would the taste be bearable? Sipping a tea all day is quite nice and would relax more the GI track from all the capsules. Just a thought. Also what do you think about the smilax in the liquid form and what would be the dosage?
Stephen’s response:
If you want to, you can try combining ΒΌ cup of each of the herbs you are using and then adding one quart of hot water to them, cover and let steep overnight. Strain (and squeeze the herbs to remove all liquid) the next day and drink throughout the day. See how that works for you. I am not much a fan of smilax these days but I would suggest 30 drops of tincture, 3-4x daily.
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