Dear Stephen,
My husband an I both have lyme although in different ways. We did your protocol for 12 months and both of us started having symptoms again after 3 weeks, not the full range we had before so some have gone away. We were never able to get up to the full doses because it made us too sick. We have restarted the protocol – is it safe to do the protocol for another 8-12 months? And this time we are determined to get to the top doses. We are both have chronic lyme and it looks like we will for the rest of our lives so can we take these herbs on and off for the rest of our lives? The biggest symtom both of us have is feeling achy all over and pain in certain places that is severe.
Stephen’s response:
I have heard from a number of people that they stopped and then began feeling bad again and so restarted the whole thing. Nothing wrong with that. You can also take the herbs as tinctures, all together in juice, and that might help. Also, a number of people need to stay on a modified protocol. Usually that means 1 capsule of cat’s claw, one of knotweed root, 2-3x daily as a regular habit. You can take them long term. Once your symptoms decrease again, I would work to find the minimum dose that keeps you feeling well.
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