Dear Stephen,
After more than 4 years of IV and oral antibiotics for lyme, babesia and mycoplasma (2 types), I found I wasn’t making anymore progress. We stopped the antibiotics and I’ve been on your herbal protocol for the past 8 months. Progress has been slow but noticeable. However recently I’ve been feeling a lot worse and am perplexed as I haven’t modified my dose of the herbs. My doctor recently introduced Byron White’s formula for lyme (A-L complex) and for a time I thought it was helping. Have you seen people on the protocol get worse for periods of time without adjusting the dose, or is progress usually linear? Much obliged.
Stephen’s response:
Progress is usually linear, however there are a few people who experience ups and downs on the protocol. I would suggest altering the protocol but I need to know what you are taking.
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