Dear Stephen,
I have a question about your recommendation to ‘ramp up’ to the full dosage of the core protocol herbs. You suggest starting with a minimal dosage and increasing the dosage weekly for a period of time until the maximum dosage is reached. Is this recommendation meant to help avoid digestive upset or other reactions, or is it meant to specifically address something about the biology and life cycle of spirochetes?

Stephen’s response:
The slow build up is to allow the body to adjust to the herbs and to make sure that there are no side effects that occur. Some people do experience severe rash or hives from andrographis (about 1 out of every 100 people) and it makes sense to know if you are one of them before putting that much of it in the body. As well, many people find that the larger dose does not work for them and by starting low they find the right dose when they get to it. The protocol works best if adjusted for each person’s body ecology and this is one way of doing that.
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