Dear Stephen,
I’ve had hellish symptoms now for over 2 years. I live in Utah where statistically lyme is the lowest in the country. I was the typical story of someone suffering going from doctor to doctor. I finally came across an ND who did many tests including the lyme Western Blot test. It returned 6 antibody bands. A positive for lyme. She gave me doxycycline for 3 months and clindamyacine for 1 month. In the meantime I found your site online and ordered herbs to carry out the core protocol concurrently with the antibiotics. While on the antibiotics and the core protocol I’ve gotten more and more fatigued, depressed and feel terrible. I took a break from the herbs for a time to see if anything would change, but felt no difference. I’m still on the protocol with the knotweed (from Green Dragon Botanicals), cat’s claw, eleuthero, and astragalus (from Nature’s Way). I even added in Planetary Herbals’ andrographis. I also take reishi mushroom, rhodiola, and a lot of vitamin c with bioflavanoids.
Blood tests show that my WBC is VERY low (2.7). My CD57 count is borderline. My CFS seems to be only getting worse. Since then I’ve additionally had a test positive through Igenics lab in California on their lyme DNA test. My worst symptoms are chronic debilitating fatigue (weakness), depression, and some mind fog. Don’t most people begin to feel better within the first few months on the protocol? It’s been around 5-6 months for me…but I’m worse if anything. In fact ever since the antibiotics I’ve gotten worse and worse. There are few to turn to here in Utah. Very few options of where to go. You’re one of my few lifelines. Any suggestions?

Stephen’s response:
Sorry to hear it has gotten so bad. I have heard, for many years, from about 15% of people who take antibiotics that they get much worse on them. There are as well, a few people who use herbal protocols that also feel worse. If I were in your situation I would stop all the herbs for a week, then begin again with:

Baikal skullcap
lion’s mane

Muscle Weakness Formula from (Try Sage Woman Herbs for the others)

Tinctures only – ¼ tsp of each in water 3x daily for 30 days and see if you feel better. These should help with the fatigue, weakness, depression, and mind fog. If they don’t help then another approach will be necessary. If they do help then more can be added then.

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