Dear Stephen,
I’ve had many varied symptoms for nearly 25 years. I ran across a lyme checklist last week based on the Burrascano guidelines and answered “yes” to 39 of the 46 questions. This prompted me to remember testing positive for spirochetes on a blood test 3 years ago (moved again and couldn’t follow through). I live in rural Missouri and I don’t know of any natural lyme literate practitioners around, and so I’m thinking of starting the protocol on my own. I highly respect the potency/efficacy of herbs and wonder if there would be any potential harm in doing the protocol if I don’t actually have lyme (or if I have a different kind of infection)?
Stephen’s response:
No, there is no down side to taking it if you do not have lyme or do have a different kind of infection. You should know within two months if it is helping you.
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