Dear Stephen,
My 12-yr old tested positive for lyme on Igenex, IgM: 31+, 41+; IgG 41+. His symptoms are mild and the only ones we can note are: mild fatigue, mild insomnia, is colder than others, motion sickness in cars. There is no recent tick bite. I don’t want to start antibiotics when his symptoms seem so mild. I would like to do the Buhner herbal protocol and I have your book. My question is: has anyone with “mild” symptoms of lyme STARTED with the herbs, without ever doing antiobiotics, and experienced success? (I am concerned that the herbal success stories I have read have occured with people who first have taken antibiotics long-term). Also, do you think this is a reasonable approach to take? Thank you.
Stephen’s response:
Yes, of course, a lot of people have just used the herbs and not used antibiotics. They have been very successful. If the symptoms are extremely mild, there is no reason not to use herbs as a first approach.
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