Dear Stephen,
I have been gathering herbs and making my own tinctures for many years. As I become more involved with lyme treatment, I find myself dismayed by the number of recommended herbs “from afar”. I currently live in Albuquerque; are any of the more “local” knotweeds active against lyme/borrelia?
Stephen’s response:
I don’t think knotweed is endemic in NM (I live here as well and have never seen it) but it is an invasive species and most people hate it, it is also very prolific, so you will make people happy if you do use it wildcrafted from someplace else. I am not sure about local herbs that have that particular anti-inflammatory action. Red root is here, of course, and that is good in the protocol, rhodiola is here and that is good, isatis is here and that is good, fresh Bidens pilosa or pinnata tincture is good and that is invasive here. But no, I don’t know of a substitute here for knotweed. Sorry.
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