Dear Stephen,
I am on my seventh month of your core protocol, however there was a three or four day interruption when I could not acquire more of the herbs. I began feeling symptoms again and have been considering taking a course of IV antibiotics (Rocephin) administered 1x a week for 6 weeks at the suggestion of my internist. Another option was to take 8-10 weeks of daily intravenous Rocephin. After some thought, it seemed foolish to go off the protocol and risk losing what I imagine are the cumulative effects of taking the herbs for such an extended period. But then I remembered from your book it says that the lyme spirochete can reconvert to motile forms in one hour. I have found another source for the herbs and am now back on the highest dosage (4 caps of resveratrol, cat’s claw and andrographis 4 x a day plus 2 droppers full daily of sarsaparilla). I am still feeling achy, which was part of the “relapse” symptoms I felt when I temporarily ran out of my supply. Also a little foggy in the brain. What can I expect if I continue for the next 1-4 months on the core protocol, given that I had this slip? Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
That degree of interruption should not matter.
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