Dear Stephen,
I have had neuro lyme for about six months – tinnitus, headache, stiff neck, fullness/pressure in my head etc. Several months of oral antibiotics combined with your protocol helped and contained things but did not end it. Recently my doctor said that I should stop the oral antibiotics as they weren’t really effective anymore. She offers the possibility of IV antibiotics if I want to try them, but I am hesitant of going down that road. I have been off the orals for about three weeks now and the symptoms are gradually accelerating. Along with everything else I can feel sensations in my ears- slight transient pains, congestion, stronger tinnitus – much like I had several months ago. My intuition is to stay with your herb protocol long term and give up on the antibiotics, but I would like to try and address the ear symptoms more directly. Any recommendations? Also, any recommendations for a practitioner near me – I’m in the Hudson Valley in NY State. Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
As to a practitioner, try Kate Gilday in Coldbrook, NY or Tim Scott in Brattleboro, VT. I am curious as to your dosage on the herbs; it sounds as if they should be ramped up to higher levels, especially knotweed (you might try Tim Scott’s blend; it’s very good). As for tinnitus: ginkgo (standardized) 40-80 mg 3x daily; vinpocetine 5-10 mg 3x daily; vitamin B-12 2,000 mcg 2x daily for 30 days, 1,000 mcg daily thereafter; zinc 40 mg daily; magnesium 200-400 mg daily.
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