Dear Stephen,
I just read an article from a lyme book where this practitioner Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan is stating that although her lyme patients have had great results with your protocol she believes that it would be even more powerful if one used the embryonic form of the herbs. Have you been coming across this new approach of using the herbs? Also, since the Japanese knotweed is spreading so fast in an attempt to clean up the environment in the northeast, do you think there is a risk to actually get the bad environmental chemicals in our capsules Thanks.
Stephen’s response:
Gemmotherapy is what this is called and really it is only the tiny, early growth of plants they are talking about and rather loosely calling stem cells. These early plant shoots do have unique attributes, just as a plant root or bark or leaf or sap does. Really, it is just another part of the plant, long used medicinally by plant peoples. As to your second question, only if the plant is growing on a contaminated industrial site.
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