Dear Stephen,
I have been treating lyme, bartonella, and babesia for three years and I started your protocol about a month ago. I boil down the roots and bark for 2hrs and I add the artemesia at the end to steep for 20 minutes. The herbs that I am using are 10 grams of Japanese knotweed, 20 grams of Stephania tetranda root, 10 grams of sarsaparilla root, 15 grams of cat’s claw bark, and 10 grams of red root. I plan to strengthen these amounts to full strength as I can handle it. Does this sound like the best combination of herbs for my infection? Also, what would you recommend for detoxing? Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
I am not that up on using decoctions to treat lyme. I like those herbs, obviously, but am truly unsure how well a decoction will work in practice. As to detoxing, I generally recommend a cleansing diet and if desired 10 days after that on the Master Cleanser fast. See my book on fasting for the details.
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