Pregnant during lyme, co-infection, parasite treatment

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your beauty. I am turning 44 years old shortly, was diagnosed with lyme 14 months ago, and began your protocol and bioresonance therapy 12 months ago. It has been a confusing road. I have experienced 3 major auto accidents over the past 18 years about 6 years apart. I feel I was infected with lyme around 2003 just after my second auto accident. In all those years I was not able to conceive until just now – WoW! I am so much healthier. I did 75% living foods and nutritional medicine to help recover from all of the above. Before I found out I was pregnant I was finishing treatment for parasites with bioresonance and found out I had been reinfected with toxoplasmosis sometime in the past 9 or so months and again had it treated and erradicated. Within a week I discovered to my surprise I am pregnant. I have not been going hard with the protocol for the past couple of months because of nausea which is also common with lyme. I have spinal injuries and do cannabis daily perhaps a gram or so (legally).

I do not feel I could handle a child with disabilities but I do feel as if having one child in my life is the blessing I asked the universe for. My question is how to weigh out if I ought to wait and try again later this year to get pregnant, or go through with this one and send this lifeforce my love and care. Your insight with all the stuff I take and have been taking is priceless. I also am on bioidentical hormone therapy, too. I want to do what is the highest good for all concerned. I have been doing parasite tincture on and off as well with wormwood, walnut, and androgaphis and teasel but again backed off and now completely stopped since I found out. I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much. This is not easy to figure out I trust your knowlegde will be invaluable to me. All the best vibes.

Stephen’s response:
This is always a tough call. If you are feeling okay, then I would recommend you mostly do food treating while pregnant. If you are not, then I would recommend finding things that can help your symptom picture that will not harm the developing fetus. It needs a lot of thought and deep feeling into it to get the best combination for this circumstance. No easy answers, sorry.
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posted on May 26, 2012 in pregnancy, Transmission

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